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Associate Professor Malin Fex had three dyslexic children that took the Universalread class and she couldn’t be happier! She thinks Universalread should be what’s taught in School:

“Has had a full pot all autumn at all tests every week and there are about 15 English and 10 Swedish per week, which I think is great!“ – Anette Johansson, Dals Ed.

“We have had several diagnosed dyslexics over the years, this is the first time we see such huge progress, even though we tried numerous methods.” Lars Möller, education manager at Gråmunkehöga, a treatment centre for young people in Uppsala.

“His self-image cannot be compared to earlier. Thank you!” Anette Gustavsson, Trångsund.

“I want to express my big THANK YOU because it was a joyful Johanna who called me on Saturday night and said: Mom – I can read! “ Helen Glantz-Vilo, Vantaa Finland.

“Everything was flat and it had a speed and there was no tendency to sound – heaven so awesome. It’s a bit of” magic “! Greetings from Birgitta Anconeus, Lund

“… in terms of spelling on the words in Swedish, he often has all right now.” Elisabet Malmborg, Bålsta.

“Now that I can notice big differences after a few weeks, I can say that Universalread is the only thing that works.” Johan Wennström, School Politician in Karlsborg

“Yes, I just walk around and laugh it feels like. So do not give up. EVERYONE can learn.” Age does not matter either.“ Barbro Skrenya, Tidaholm.

“He also reads long words like ”retirement party“ without any problems.” Susanne Lagesson, Hovmantorp

“I have never read so much and it has never been so easy and fun.” Victoria Plass, Lidingö

“I wish we got in touch with Universalread earlier because it works.” Synöve Strandberg, Västerås

“Just in a year reading has improved enormously. His teacher confirms this as well. Both reading and homework in other subjects has become more fun and his self-esteem has become much better. He has no longer a headache as he used to. “Cate Morgan-Rundqvist, Dals-Ed.

“I’m so upset that School can not give children the opportunity to have access to such an easy and effective method.” Anette Aaröe, Gothenburg

“Before Universalread, Pontus had 4 G and the rest IG. Now he has 7 G, 1 VG and 1 MVH. (G = approved, VG = well approved, MVG = very well approved, I G=Not approved ” Borghild Johanssen, Dal

“It has worked incredibly well and it is so wonderful to hear that he wants to read books himself. Thanks for the help!” Emma Ek, Örebro

“This was a great class!” Anton Buitron, Märsta. 13 year old student who hates School.

“I really recommend that if you have children or if you have difficulty writing and reading, take this class.” Barbro Skenya, Tidaholm

“It worked very well. The way I learned to spell using Universalread has really stuck.” Fernando Santillana, a dyslexic student studying at Swedish teachers at Stockholm University College of Education

“The spelling has become much better and definitely the learning of a new words, be it in Swedish, English or Spanish. Erika corrects herself and her reading comprehension has increased. Thank you once again for a good education and great support.“ Magdalena Kindberg, Åkersberga.

“After taking the Universalread class with my son, I can say that there has happened more in 2 hours after your education than after 2 years with Special Education.” Riita Sandström-Eklund, Åkersberga.

“We have now worked with Universalread since the class in June, for less than 2 months. When I ask Linn if she experiences any difference, she says that her reading speed is faster and that she can more easily see ”image of words“ and thus manage to spell. I experience her ability to “read” words when practicing a lot faster and she rarely makes mistakes now.“ Göran Olsson, Karlskoga.

“Thanks for a great class last Sunday. Jonathan was very positive after that in itself is progress for us because he has really “hated” all that has to do with reading. “Åsa Deile, Södertälje.

“I also noticed that Johan became more and more sure to spell the words the more times he was given the opportunity to try Universalread.” Anita Aspeqvist, Special Education Officer in Mjölby Municipality.

“I was very skeptical before I came here but you really convinced me. Thank you very much! ” Jessica Lindström, Vallentuna.

“Hey! Just thought to convey a little sunshine story.
My son Emanuel and I have attended the class twice in Gothenburg.
He had such grave dyslexia that the words we would practice at home initially only consisted of two (!) Letters.
We went on training, he went the course again the following year and then something happened.
His goal was to be able to go to the cinema and to be able to read the text strip himself. (In Sweden everything but children’s movies are sub texted. -Editor)
In December 2010 it happened! A very proud Emanuel, then 14 years old, went away with his sister and saw a
Harry Potter movie and read the text strip all by yourself.
I’m still getting blurry eyed at the memory. It was such an incredible victory that only those with reading difficulties can understand. At school, they have obviously noticed the change and are amazed at his achievements. Now we continue with reading and training writing. The next step is English. He is developing all the time and it feels great fun and satisfying to have tools that really work. No, thank you very much for your work!” – Greetings Annika Nyman “

“After living for over 30 years with the truth of being dyslexic, it’s tumultuous to give up that thought. In addition, being so easy to learn new words and spelling feels a bit of a snap, the problem was just bad technique.” Lotta Berger, Hägersten. Former coach of the Swedish female team in Karate and now also former dyslectic.

“I just have to tell you. Yesterday, Ferdinand came home from school and told me that he has a lot of words in homework in English (about 35). Next time they wrote the words, so it is possible to translate and write them. I just thought, oh no. How would it go?! We started practicing. After just two sessions, he had covered all the words and I was super surprised, never been this fast. Some words he knew from before, some learned himself and for the most difficult/unusual, he concentrated for a moment and picked up the image on the word and spelled them!!! I do not know yet if I believe in the trip or if it is actually a work of Universalread. I want to believe the latter, but it requires a little more before I dare to be completely convinced. YES !!! “ Clarice Bäcklund, Väståboland, Finland.

“In April, I participated in Helsinki with my student Ferdinand (12 years). It was a very exciting course day! We went expectantly and eagerly home to Pargas and started practicing. I and Ferdinand practiced every day at school. It worked very well! Yes, absolutely AMAZING! Ferdinand, with his poor confidence, was happy and proud when his spelled went right. As a class teacher, I was completely excited about how good he was!
Then came the summer break and we decided that the mother takes over practicing … Today I received a very positive mail from the mother and Ferdinand. It has been practiced every day! I’ll be waiting for you next week when school starts again and I’ll see what happened to Ferdinand’s part …… At the end of May did the Ferdinand DLS test and his result was a 1 Stanine point higher than he performed just before the course. UNBELIEVABLE! Had we just exercised 4 weeks? Update: When Ferdinand did about 4 months after the training, he was on a sunny stanine 3.” Susanne Båge, class teacher in Väståboland, Finland.

“The greatest difference in reading. I would never have opened a book a year ago. I thought it was too hard to read. Now I think it’s fun.” – Måns Hansen, Stockholm.

“I’m overwhelmed. I read half of Jan Guillou´s ”Evil“ last night, but before that I had never ever read a book. It used to be too hard.” – Magnus Blomström, Junsele.

“I think it’s a good thing. The education was clear and concise Now that my daughter learns the words she will remember them afterwards.” – Maria Armfelt.

“Yesterday Sandra got home from school and she glowed : “Mom, I going to write a book in English in three weeks. I’ve already made a mind map at school! I’m so happy and feeling a sense of confidence that I have not done for a long time. Later in the evening, she told me that her and another girl were the only ones who had no errors for the latest English assignment at school. Makes me so proud!” Camilla F Andrén, Gothenburg.

“Our son had reading and writing difficulties. He was quiet, insecure. We had a problem getting the school to diagnose for a long time. In spring 2009, when our son went on 8, we went for Universalread. After this he has become better and better. – Jonas Gunnarsson, Gothenburg.

“He not only reads and writes so amazing much better, he is today a guy with a completely different self-esteem.” – Caroline Meyer Lagersparre, Stockholm.

“Today, he even admits Universalread probably has helped him. So I’m a big fan :-D.” Jenny Nykvist, Ed.

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