In the Press

Universalread has been talked about a lot in the media. Most of this is in Swedish.

Papers and Online

Victoria cured her dyslexia with Universalread. Part 1 and Part 2. – Aftonbladet
Dyslexic Victoria learned to read with mental images – Metro
Universalread in Vasa, Finland. – Vasabladet
Universalread in Dals Ed again – Dalslänningen
New method to help dyslexicsAftonbladet
Universalread gave Evelina her confidence back – Bohuslänningen
Parents excited over new method for dyslexics – VetlandaPosten
New method teaches people with dyslexia – Sos Aktuellt
Universalread teaches to see the words as a picture – Activa

Studio 1 reports on Universalread project – Radio Sweden, Swedish Public Service Broadcaster. Download here.
Arena – About Universalread on finnish, Finnish Public Service Broadcaster.


Datero is a non-profit to help dyslexics in Finland. TvNytt, the biggest Swedish speaking news on Tv featured Universalread.