Group Class

One day live event

Get rid of reading and writing difficulties
– learn Universalread during one day live event

In one day, we train up to 10 people with dyslexia and their helpers, that is, who will help with the daily exercise.

We are often hired to conduct this education for companies as well as schools and municipalities. Our students are from eight years upwards (we do not have an upper limit, being free from dyslexia is never too late).


Know the letters fairly well, not necessarily in order

Be familiar with the language we hold the class in

A little motivation helps.

Sometimes parents force their children to our class. Please don’t do that. We will gladly have a conversation with a reluctant student. Most of our students don’t really care for school and quite dislike “learning” as it’s done in school. We pride ourselves in the fact that despite this most of our students in the end actually liked the class and thought it was easy and fun, but you can’t force someone to learn.


A one day class consists of:

Morning: We start with a short review to hear the students’ view on their dyslexia and how it has been treated before. Then we look forward, make preparation and an analysis. The morning ends with tailoring a personal practice program.

Afternoon: Training, analysis and assessment of future results. We train as well as test the practice program. The day ends with feedback and question time.

Together we create the conditions for life without reading and writing difficulties. Throughout the day, we test the development to see that both students and parents/helpers are following and creating positive starting points.

After the class day, free support is included. You, your child or student can at any time contact us. The support consists of that you can also attend one more training (free of charge) if you, in consultation with us, estimate that it is needed.

You can register by filling out the information below. (Coming)

The classroom is always central to the cities where the courses are held.

All this is included:

Education for a student who will learn to read and write better
Training of a “helper” who, after training, can practice with the student
Class material
Support – If there are any questions or any adjustment needs to be made –

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