Universalread – Simple, Effective and Self-motivating

What makes Universalread unique?

Universalread is about mental training. You could call it a blueprint over the thought patterns people who excel at reading and writing use.

Universalread helps those who had a problem with dyslexia for many years, and probably already have tested a traditional sound-forming method, but with no or little results.

We start with a training day for students, or students with parents where we teach Universalread, and measure the first changes.

After the training, you practice at home using the manual included in the course. 1-3 minutes a day are usually enough. The exercise is easy and fun an can be done almost everywhere,. In the car, on holiday, on the couch or at the desk.

Many start noticing tangible results the same day as the class.

The only prerequisite for participating in the course is that the student knows the letters of the alphabet, but other then that the only thing required is showing up, eager to learn!


Word image and getting the reading code

There is a very clear pattern among the students who come to us:

They have problems creating clear internal mental pictures.

That´s why the first thing we do is to help the student create a mental picture of a simple word, for example “Ball”.

After the first word we continue on to other words, and increase the complexity. We dive into longer and more difficult words.


The emotional part of reading and spelling

Simultaneously we work a lot with the mental, emotional and physical bits of reading and spelling. A large part of the success of Universalread is having fun, feeling self motivated and being in a relaxed feel good state.

Once the student has mastered internal imagery it´s time to move over to internal spellchecking. Most naturally talented spellers have a knack for just ” feeling” when a word is misspelled.

For a dyslexic, it’s not so – how can you feel something when you never caught the word , nor can experience or see it clearly.

But yes, we have a process for teaching someone to feel in their bones when a word is misspelled.
Learn private or together with others

You can choose between a private course or a group setting. We also have courses for municipalities, teachers and organizations.

1) Private Class: You work with us One on One. This takes between 3 and 6 hours. Together, we decide time and place. For example, many prefer do it at home.

2) Group Course: Our most popular option. You and your child / student are part of a group of up to ten people who work with us during a day. Then practice on your own, 1-3 minutes a day.

3) Online home study course. When you or your child find it easier to study at your one pace, not being tied to a schedule. (This will be launched at a later date)

4) Municipalities, Schools and Organizations: Appeals to those who want to prevent dyslexia and help people with reading and writing difficulties.

For a more in depth explanation of what we do you can download our Tedtalk.pdf.

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