Universalread – We teach dyslexics to read and write perfectly

Effective, fast and self-motivating. Universalread helps children and adults get rid of dyslexia.

Yes, it´s really possible to fully get rid of reading and writing problems.

The method is based on visual and mental training and yields results after a short period. The results are seen and heard – the previously frustrating reading and writing problems disappear. Universalread is available as:

– Private tutoring 1-1, person to person or online
– One day workshops
– Home study course online (to be launched soon)
– Training for institutions and educational professionals; teachers, counselors etc.

Young as old can get rid of dyslexia!

Many of our students have previously tested the traditional sound-based methods against dyslexia but little results. Using Universalread, on the other hand, they have become proficient readers and speller. Some to such a degree that they no master the skill of spelling and reading backwards. Just for the fun of it!

You can train yourself to master reading and spelling!

Universalread is learned over one day, and then you practice 3 to 4 minutes
per day. Think of it like learning to ride a bike. First you got to learn how to do it, then you get better at it. It may be a little wobbly at first, but just after a short while it becomes second nature. Initially, you think you should have both hands on the steering wheel and on which pedal is most comfortable to start with, but short then you do not think at all – you just jump up and cycle off, just like everyone else.

So does it work?

Yes. Here’s the results of a study the municipality of Ed did.

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